The Jay School Corporation will be testing our new mass notification phone and texting system this coming Friday, September 25, 2020. This system will send important school information via text or automated phone calls. In order to receive these school text messages or phone calls you must have a valid phone number in Skyward. The texts and phone calls will be sent to "Guardian 1" and "Guardian 2" (if applicable) as was entered by parents during the registration process. If you need to update your information in Skyward, go to the following link: Parents who need help with their Skyward username or password should complete this form: The incoming phone number should show up in your caller ID as 260-726-9341 and the text will say "From Jay School Corp".
about 21 hours ago, Jay Schools
Chartwells, our food service company, has informed us that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has approved our district to offer free breakfast and lunch to our students effective September 10, 2020. Our students will be offered FREE breakfast and lunch regardless of free, reduced or paid lunch status. Chartwells will be refunding all meal charges that may have happened from the first day of school until today (9/16/20) back to the student lunch account (except second meals and a la carte sales). Meals will be FREE until December 31st, 2020. This waiver will expire and on January 1st, 2021 meals will be charged based on status again. No forms or application is required for a student to receive FREE meals during this waiver period. We will continue to charge for second meals and a la carte items such as chips, drinks, cookies, etc. Make sure you are still filling out Free/Reduced applications due to textbook fee benefits. Any questions please feel free to email or call (260) 726-9306 ext. 2262.
7 days ago, Jay Schools
We had a great first day, at our new home: East Jay Elementary! It went by very quickly, but it was a great day. Everyone was so happy to be back; there were smiles everywhere!
13 days ago, East Jay Elementary
Can't MASK our Excitement for 3rd Grade!
Ready for lunch!
Jumping rope with friends!
We are good to go after this 2 hour delay. Conditions are much improved. Welcome back!
13 days ago, Jay Schools
A reminder to everyone that a 3 hour delay is an option we consider when poor weather conditions are present in our county. This option has been helpful in the past, particularly on days with morning fog. We chose not to use this option today in the hope that tomorrow will permit a full school day for students and staff to implement COVID-19 safety procedures and other changes at the schools to start a new school year. However, if we experience fog again tomorrow morning like we did today, we will go from a 2 hour delay to a 3 hour delay, if necessary, to allow conditions to improve and preserve the school day. We have new bus routes, new bus stops, and new traffic patterns at some of our schools. We want to avoid everyone having to adjust to this while contending with fog. When 3 hour delays occur, school ends one hour later than normal. Bus drivers begin their routes at 6:00 AM, so if we delay or cancel we make the decision by that time. Likewise, after a 2 hour delay, we make the decision to delay further or cancel by 8:00 AM. In a school district as large as ours, road or weather conditions in one part of the county may be different than in another part. As has been our past practice, we will support parents who feel conditions in their location are not safe to send their student(s) to school. Absences in these situations are excused as long as the parent communicates with the school. While not all risks in life can be eliminated, ultimately, the safety of our students and employees is the only thing on our minds as we make weather-related decisions.
14 days ago, Jay Schools
In accordance with the JSC eLearning plan, there is no eLearning when school is cancelled on the first day of a grading period. We will review options that may avoid the need to add a day at the end of the school year. Details on this will be announced.
14 days ago, Jay Schools
Jay Schools are cancelled due to fog, September 9, 2020.
14 days ago, Jay Schools
Jay Schools are on a 2 hour delay, September 9, 2020, due to fog.
14 days ago, Jay Schools
We are extending the hours of our Transportation Office to 9:00 PM this evening for anyone needing assistance with bus information. Please contact Director of Transportation, Melissa Stephen at 260-726-9605 until 6:00 PM then at 260-726-5272 between 6:00 PM and 9:00 PM this evening. 2020-2021 bus information is at the link below.
15 days ago, Jay Schools
For parents who may have missed it earlier, 2020-2021 transportation information is at the link below. For anyone needing assistance, please contact Director of Transportation, Melissa Stephen at 260-726-5272 or by email at
15 days ago, Jay Schools
URGENT PARENT MESSAGE: We need your help! Our Transportation Department was unable to pull information properly from our student management system, at registration. They are relying on our SchoolPass Data. We need your child's dismissal information in our SchoolPass system by Tuesday September 8th at 2:00 PM. (SchoolPass is not just for car riders. We need ALL dismissal plans up-to-date in SchoolPass). Defaults (normal daily dismissal) must be updated on the website. Bus Information is located here: You will need to locate your child’s bus, and put this information in SchoolPass. If your child is a walker or latchkey, this is listed under activity. Please complete Dismissal Plans, in SchoolPass, by September 8th at 2:00 PM. You cannot use the app, for defaults (your child's normal dismissal). The app is for CHANGES, after normal dismissal is scheduled. Once you have completed the updates on the website, download the NEW app: SchoolPass Parent. This is a BLUE app. If you are having difficulty, please see this troubleshooting page: If you are NEW to East Elementary or East Jay, the Welcome Emails have now been sent by SchoolPass to set up your account. If you are having difficulty, put in your email and request a new password. If that does not work, please see the Troubleshooting page listed in the previous paragraph. (Do not comment or send a message on Facebook regarding your child's dismissal plans. We cannot answer your questions, in this manner. If you are having difficulty, please see our troubleshooting document.)
16 days ago, East Jay Elementary
Ray Cooney, Editor and Publisher of The Commercial Review, interviewed Jay Schools Superintendent, Jeremy Gulley, Jay County Health Department Administrator, Heath Butz, and others, about the reopening of the schools.
20 days ago, Jay Schools
This is a reminder about the East Jay Elementary Orientation scheduled for August 24th and August 26th. Please click the link for detailed information.
about 1 month ago, Jay Schools
This is a reminder about the East Jay Elementary Orientation scheduled for August 24th and 26th. Please click the link for detailed information.
about 1 month ago, East Jay Elementary
Click here for reopening information!
2 months ago, Jay School Corporation